The Patissiere

A delicious tale of murder and sweetness.  A young girl's life is transformed by a visit to the greatest Salon du The in Paris, but she discovers more than the sophisticated magnificence of a Mont Blanc.  She finds a new world, one which lures her in, corrupts her, consumes her and ultimately destroys her.  What 'Perfume' did for scent, 'The Patissiere' does for taste.

Abandon yourself to the glorious world of the Parisian Salon du The, devour the deadly delights of chocolat, pastry, crème pâtissière ... and one final flourish - an exquisite, divine drop of deathly poison.

Mrs Keiller's Marmalade

Mrs Keiller's Marmalade is a book about marmalade, the isolation of old age, respect for tradition and the pain of abandonment. Maggie Keiller is a fictional descendent of John Keiller, whose clan famously created the first ‘Dundee Marmalade’. Maggie lives a lonely life in Rose Cottage surrounded only by her jars of fine and vintage homemade marmalade but her life is changed when she receives a letter from her estranged niece in London, asking for haven for her teenage daughter. Maggie takes her on, not out of affection for her niece whom she loathes but to fill the void left by her childless marriage. Isla arrives in 1969, a year on the cusp of a revolution and in her own life, hiding the pregnancy she has kept from her mother. Maggie teaches Isla about the tradition of marmalade making and their bond helps Isla regain her self-esteem. The book culminates in Isla’s entry into the silver spoon Marmalade competition, fifty years after Maggie Keiller had taken the same prize.

One Thousand-Eyed Spies

A fantastical middle-grade children's story about Gopi, a hapless soldier tasked by his Queen with a quest to save the White Island.  Gopi must smuggle the would-be King of the White Island across an ocean, battle a sea dragon along the way, and deliver the child to the Upper World until he is ready to return and fight for his legacy. 

Eleven years later and Nana tells her grandson Jag the story of the White Island and how it sunk to the bottom of the sea.  Jag soon realises that there is more to his history than he has been told.

The Franklin Chemists

Three scientifically curious children embark on an unexpected adventure with their eccentric aunt.  Set on the shores of the Lake District, they find themselves protecting the biggest secret in the scientific world.

A fun and thoroughly enjoyable ride through all things scientific.  A gem in the STEM genre.


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